Hydraulic Power Units
Hydraulic Power Unit is a device with self-diagnostic features and is intended for the service fluid delivery to hydraulic systems at a set flow rate and pressure.
Hydraulic power unit control, accident reporting and monitoring are in line with the industrial Ethernet standards.
The Main Features
  • Modular Structure
    Each module is 45 - 315 kW. Modules arrangement depends on the given task. Integration up to 1.6 MW
  • Independent cooling and filtering circuit
    Maintaining the set temperature and fluid cleanliness ensures increased reliability of equipment operation
  • Hydraulic impact dampener
    Balancing the pressure of the working fluid flow, resulting in vibration damping and noise reduction
  • Service fluid quality monitoring system
    Filters are equipped with pollution indicators, continuous monitoring of the working fluid condition
  • Real-time controller and control panel
    Ethernet connection and real-time control of the pump unit
  • Smooth electric motor startup
    Efficient energy consumption by avoiding voltage spikes during start-up. Smooth pressure increase


  • Pressure regulator
  • High pressure unit
  • Vibration monitoring system
  • Passive noise damping
  • Service fluid degradation monitoring